We all know that good leaders generate many positive benefits within an organisation, but how do we create or continue to develop our leaders? This program provides a creative and highly interactive solution utilising a leadership simulation that challenges the participant in many leadership scenarios. You receive immediate quantitative and qualitative feedback and will develop the skills and competencies required to increase organisational performance and lead with success.

How long?

This course is run over two consecutive days.

Delivery mode

Classroom based


On booking this course you will be sent a personal leadership feedback profiling tool to complete prior to the start of the program.

Who for?

This course is for managers who lead, inspire and motivate others to increase organisational performance.

What will you get out of the course?

  • Develop behaviours to enable effective leadership
  • Use a decision making model to achieve outcomes
  • Analyse your personal and professional approach to leadership
  • Identify personal strategies to further develop your management and leadership capability
  • Apply the OPENUP leadership model across the organisation

Qualification Pathways

As a subsidiary of the Australian Institute of Management – Vic & Tas, Idria can provide access to nationally recognised qualifications in the vocational and post graduate sectors. This program, with the successful completion of the set assessment task, provides two units towards the Advanced Diploma of Management.

How to book

For more information about the Balance Management & Leadership program, please contact us on 03 9534 8181 or